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At U.S. Money Shops® Title Loans we are here to help you get the money you need! Get cash totay at U.S. Money Shops® Title Loans. U.S. Money Shops® Title Loans can help you get cash today. At U.S. Money Shops® Title Loans if you have bad credit or no credit all you need is a car title and you can get money today!


All you need is a car title and you can get money.


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U.S. Money Shops Title Loans has 2 stores in South Carolina for your convenience. If you have bad credit, no credit, or prior bankruptcy, U.S. Money Shops can still help! We offer loans up to $10,000 and a fantastic rate of 6.99% monthly. 6.99% monthly rate only available for loan amounts of $5,000 or greater. For example, on a 24 month loan where you receive $5,000 with no odd days in the first payment, the Finance Charge would be $5,461.88 and the Annual Percentage Rate would be 83.991%. Payments would be 23 at $435.92 and 1 at $435.72. Your terms may differ based on your specific transaction.

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